UK Economic Growth and Construction Output Charts (June 2014)

We are back.

I would like to tell you how my hectic schedule has kept me from spending any time on this blog but unfortunately it is solely down to laziness. I will make a concerted effort to write more posts.

I was reading the BBC news website the other day and came across the article ‘UK economic growth revised up to 3.2%’.

The article inspired me to whip up some visualisations of GDP and then, to make it even more interesting, compare it to construction output, particularly Infrastructure output.

The initial GDP estimate was revised up slightly from the provisional 3.1%. The construction sector performed slightly better than previously assumed.

The figures confirm the UK economy saw its best economic performance for six years and has passed its 2008 peak. Big milestone?

Construction was flat in the period but this was an improvement on the original estimate that it had contracted by 0.5%. On an annual basis construction was estimated to have expanded by 4.8%.

Construction accounts for 6.3% of economic activity in the UK.

Can you get a feel for the above statements from the below charts? How could we translate the above statements into an insightful visualisation?

This bit of work is pretty useless as a standalone piece. Future posts will start to examine the strength of relationships between variables so we can start to consider the meaning of patterns in data.

GDP charts